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Food As Medicine Jumpstart E-Book

A free jumpstart guide for cooking healthy meals at home from The American College of Lifestyle Medicine:

Choosing more unprocessed, whole plant foods can improve overall health and reduce complications from heart disease, oral disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Consistent healthy lifestyle choices can actually reverse some chronic disease. This guide was written by a group of Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDN) - full of recipes and practical tools for incorporating healthy eating into your daily routine.

" The Food As Medicine Jumpstart guide was created by our ACLM RDN Member Interest Group to help patients move toward the “north star” of adopting a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) eating pattern." - American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Think of this pdf download as a starter pack of plant based basics, covering commonly asked nutrition questions, kitchen essentials, recipes, menu planning tools, and more!

Get your free copy below & share with your family and friends:

ACLM Food As Medicine Jumpstart 8
.5x11 (
Download 5X11 ( • 10.04MB

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