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Calling All Soda Lovers!

Not judging! Promise!

First of all, soda was designed to be highly addictive.

Otherwise why would we be buying it?

With zero nutritional benefit, it'd be an odd choice if we were looking for a nutrient dense, satisfying drink to sustain our energy throughout the day. But that's not what soda is about. It's about the ice cold rush of sugary fizzy goodness, sweet tea's super extra sister friend - soda is the life of the party.

So if you're turning to soda (yes even the diet stuff) as your drink of choice multiple times a day, it's not your fault. But there are a few tell-tale signs your dentist will notice, and inform you of - in an effort to guide you to healthier habits.

A soda habit is the type of thing that can weaken your enamel and undermine expensive dental work, resulting with even more time spent with your dentist telling you things you'd rather not hear.

So here are a few signs soda is affecting your health - and a few alternatives to soda- if every time you see your dentist they (lovingly) ask you to lay off the sweet fizzy stuff:

1 - Your Smile Looks Different

Noticing light or dark spots on your teeth? Yellowing, dark areas, or shadows near your gum line? Something just seems off but can't tell what it is in the mirror? The high acidity of soda may be softening your enamel, giving opportunities for cavities to form.

2 - Your Teeth Feel Different

If you're finding cold foods and drinks difficult to enjoy, you make be experiencing tooth sensitivity. Erosion from excess acid exposure can cause sensitive areas to pop up on the sides of your teeth, especially near the gum line - these areas are usually smooth indentations on the surfaces of your teeth.

3 - Your Mouth Gets Sticky or Dry More Often

If your mouth is feeling extra dry and sticky, you might be dehydrated. Caffeinated sodas, lack of water, and hot summer temperatures can make getting enough hydration a challenge. Some bacteria thrive in a dehydrated oral environment, causing cavities, gum issues, and bad breath.

Here are a few ideas if you're looking for healthier and more hydrating alternatives to soda:

1 - Zobo

Zobo is super fragrant, refreshing, and full of antioxidants. Check out this Healthy Nigerian Zobo Recipe by SisiYemmiTV. This recipe is deliciously sweet without added processed sugar! Mostly made with hibiscus, take note that if you have high blood pressure it may naturally lower your blood pressure with time. If you take medication to lower your blood pressure, check with your doctor first as this drink may interfere with your medication!

2 - Infused Water

Fill a pitcher with filtered water, then add some sliced cucumbers, fresh mint and berries. Prep in the morning to enjoy flavorful infused water with meals and throughout the day.

3 - Superfood Lattés

Superfood Lattés are great iced or hot. Try mixing a scoop of vanilla protein powder and 1 teaspoon of turmeric into 1/2 a cup of hot or cold oat milk, and top with a little honey or agave nectar to make a variation of a heart healthy golden milk. Feel free to get creative with your superfood combinations and if you need some inspiration, check out my favorite recipe book for mixing delicious superfood drinks.


Most healthcare authorities say adults should aim for 64oz of water daily. Try to start your day with a cup of water and go from there. And if you add some of these delicious summer drink recipes to your routine, you may find yourself reaching for soda less often before you know it!

What's your favorite healthy drink? Leave a comment below to share!

Health is Wealth,



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