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My First Dental Mission Trip!

2023 has been a year of unimaginable blessings, and it’s not over yet! It’s time to spread the blessing of health to those in need and I’m asking for your support and prayers!

KIDS (Kids International Dental Services) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been providing surgical and educational support to families in the Mayan Highlands area near Nebaj, Guatemala for several years. I’m honored to have been asked by the group director, Dr. Briana Ovbude, to provide dental treatment to the children this July as part of the team of volunteers!

We will spend 7 days in Guatemala working alongside Mayan translators, treating pediatric dental conditions, teaching methods of disease prevention through healthy habits, and appreciating the sights and culture of the region.

I've spent the past few weeks gathering supplies (gifts for the children, PPE & equipment) in preparation for my first trip to provide pro-bono dental care in partnership with KIDS. We will be traveling from July 22nd to July 29th 2023.

This unique organization also provides pro-bono services in Cape Verde, The Philippines, Cambodia, Haiti, South Africa, Mongolia, and Morocco! You can learn more about their global initiatives on their website.

I believe in the goodness of our Lord and Savior and believe this is an opportunity for me to glorify Him in service of others. I am able because He is able.

E-tọ́jú Partner's will be getting a few things in the mail from me to recognize your contributions and #heartforservice.

  • A letter from Dr. Ignatius Nate Gerodias, the president of Kids International Dental Services, indicating the tax deductible portion of your one time gift

  • A Signed Certificate to display in your home or office recognizing you, your business, or your non-profit as an E-tọ́jú Partner

  • A gift from our service trip

Thank you for partnering with me in this endeavor to improve children's lives! I look forward to sharing my daily experience with you with photos, stories, and gifts from this healing mission!

In Love & Appreciation,

Dr. Adéọlá


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